Patient Management Program

Take an active role in your treatments with our Patient Management Program (PMP). When you enroll in this no-cost program, we’ll work with you and your health care providers to make sure you get safe, effective care. 

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Manage Side Effects

Don’t let side effects keep you from getting the treatment you need and the quality of life you want. We’ll help you manage unwanted effects from your medications. This could mean changing doses, taking it at a different time, trying a new medication or something else. We’ll work with your prescriber to create a plan that works for your lifestyle.

Stay on Track

Did you know that about half of all patients with prescription medications do not take them as prescribed? Don’t let complex instructions, cost or other hurdles keep you from getting the full benefit of your medication. In our PMP, we help you stay on track with your treatment plan. 

Get Personalized Care

Your treatment plan is unique to you. So is your PMP.  We tailor each program to help you with your specific health challenges. Get care from people who understand your condition and how to treat it. 

Improve Your Well-Being

Sticking to your treatment plan is important to your overall health. Together, we can keep you on track and get you feeling better. Plus, our PMP provides support when you need it most. We sweat the small stuff so you can focus on what really matters.

Enroll Today

Are you ready to take charge of your treatment? Would you like help along the way? Patients are automatically enrolled. Just fill a prescription with us. Enrollment is free for all of our patients. 

When you enroll in our PMP, you agree to adhere to your treatment plan. If you decide you no longer want to participate, you can simply call the pharmacy to unenroll.

Contact Us to Enroll

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Specialty Pharmacy Welcome Packet

You can count on U-M Health Specialty Pharmacy to provide you with personalized services to make sure you get the most from your drug therapy. Review our Welcome Packet to learn more about us, our services, the billing process, patient rights and responsibilities, and more.

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